Front Extension, West Hallam

This project was  designed by Lacey and Owen in 2012, with the construction works being completed in early 2013.  The existing property was suffering with major subsidence and the front elevation was moving away from the rest of the property. This project was interesting due to the fact that the rear of the property was entirely complete and in habitable condition, however walk through a door towards the front of the property and it was like walking into a building site, this was the case on both the ground and 1st floors.

Planning permission was applied for and obtained for a proposed side extension, with integral garage, and a new front extension to replace the existing.  In order for the project to be possible the existing front elevation had to be demolished, as you can see this left for a very interesting looking project at one stage as the client was only left with half a dwelling, given time the new elevation and roof was constructed and everybody with the quality and style of the finished article.

8. As built 3.Front extension. building plans

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