Having a home extension, loft conversion or home alteration can often seem rather daunting. However, it needn’t be! In most cases, as our clients will confirm, it is quite exciting. Many options are available, from the internal layout through to the external appearance of your project. Embarking on an extension or conversion should be exciting and a lot of fun. We share this enthusiasm… we know how important your home is to you and your family… it simply helps that we have a real passion for what we do and enjoy working with you throughout the design process.

Almost all building/construction projects, from small extensions to major building projects follow the same design process, this process is briefly described below:

construction process

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1. Initial meet/Design brief

2. Detailed survey of existing property or land

3. Concept design & development

4. Local authority planning approval

5. Building regulations compliance, plan submission

6. Contractor selection

7. Construction works

8. Project completion

The above is a standard process and one which the majority of our projects are based on be it a single storey extension, new build home or office buildings and industrial units. However our services are not limited to this and if required can also include items listed below. Our services can be tailored to suit your requirements, please contact us for further information.

Party wall agreements:

When working close to boundaries, a party wall agreement should be set in place between neighbouring properties, to cover both parties when the work commences.  We can provide the appropriate documents to ensure that the party wall act is complied with.


When required we have the capability to produce accurate site surveys, these include;

Satellite topographical surveys,

As built surveys

Measured building surveys.

Ground and coal reports.

Tree & ecological surveys

Contractor recommendation:

We are able to recommend to our clients a number of trusted contractors.  Our recommendation means that you can ensure a high quality of workmanship from the appointed contractor throughout the construction process.

Scheme/concept design:

If you have an idea or concept, we can help you bring this idea into reality.  The use of computer aided design enables us to produce, design ideas quickly, easily and accurately, we are also able to offer advice on any problems or issues which may occur.  Once a concept has been agreed we can then continue to gain the statutory approvals required.

Planning Applications: 

Depending on the size and location of the proposed work it may or may not require planning permission, from the initial consultation we are able to advise and assist you to establish whether or not planning permission is required.  We will then act as agent on your behalf during any planning permission applications, consulting with the local authorities as required.

Building regulations:

Be it large or small almost any building project, will require building regulations approval.  Working closely with our appointed LABC officer, Lacey and Owen will prepare drawings and specifications as required in order to obtain building regulations plan approval.

2d cad drafting:

All Lacey & Owen projects are drawn in 2d computer aided design software (CAD).  This enables clean and clear plans to be produced quickly and efficiently.  Plans will include all information as required dependant on their application, be it planning, building regulations or construction purposes.

3d cad drafting:

Lacey & Owen can provide, when required, photo realistic 3d computer aided design images, this enables the client to visualise a proposed project before a brick has been laid.  This brilliant resource can be tailored to suit your requirements.